With Room Marker, you manage rentals more efficiently. Know why.


  • Search for free: Search any house or apartment available for rent nearby your location. Specify diffrent criteria to search, if required. All this at absolutely no cost!
  • Filter your search: Use a multi-criteria filter to narrow down your choices for rental rooms. Search based on price range, property type and / or its specifications.
  • Advertise your property: Advertise your property for rental with few easy steps!
  • Advertise now, pay later: Room Marker allows you to post an advertisement now and pay later! Please refer to the Help file within the app to learn more about it.
  • Disable your advertisement: Subscribed users can disable their advertisements any time. This prevents the display of your selected advertisement from the rental listings.
  • Paid plans for your need: Different plans available just to exactly suit your needs.

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